Sweet Potatoes

We begin to slowly dig the field in late September if possible (This year the rain has kept us out).
Our main push for harvest is October-November.
Because of the fragile nature of sweet potatoes we use a special sweet potato harvester that allows us to minimize bruising. The sweet potatoes are placed in wooden bins that weigh around 1000lbs. The bins are stacked in our storage bays where we work hard to keep the temperature just right for curing.

When you buy a box of sweet potatoes from us:
Most people think you need to put your potatoes in a cool area. DO NOT! You can store your potatoes in the box they come in but make sure they are stored in a consistent 55-65 degree room. If they get cold they will begin to break down fast. If they get too warm they will try to grow. Another factor for storing sweet potatoes is light. They will store longer in a dark room.