READY TO EAT RED BEETS, 1.1 lb package

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These Red Beets are ready to eat! They are in a 1.1 lb vacuum sealed package

Beets are such a healthy food! Here are just a few healthy benefits! They helps reduce blood pressure! Boosts stamina and endurance! Beets can lower your blood sugar because of the high amount of soluble fiber they contain.

Beets are high in nitric oxide, which helps to promote better blood flow to the brain. When your brain receives oxygen-rich blood, your attention span will increase, and so will your memory. You’ll also see a difference in your mood.  Beets are called the "blood builder".  Beets are an excellent source of  manganese. A one cup serving contains about 28 percent manganese.  Manganese helps your body absorb calcium - tol strengthen your bones and reduce the risk of bone loss.  Beets have a wealth of B vitamins, including folate, which is vital for fetal development.


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Slice for salad, heat and eat.

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