CAROB POWDER, by the pound

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A measure for measure substitute for cocoa powder.  

Carob powder is used whenever a recipe calls for chocolate or cocoa. To replace carob for cocoa, simply use the same amount of carob. To replace chocolate with carob, use approximately three tablespoons of carob powder for each square of chocolate that the recipe calls for.

Another reason to use carob is its unique flavor. It's often referred to as a chocolate substitute, but carob does have its own unique flavor which lends itself well to shakes, malts, carob-nut bars, bread products, and even mixed into baked beans and barbecue sauces. Carob powder is somewhat reminiscent of chocolate; a fresh carob pod however, has a flavor more similar to dates.
Carob is so different nutritionally and chemically from chocolate that people allergic to chocolate can enjoy carob.
Carob is an incredibly rich food source, and it perhaps the ideal "survival food" since it lasts a long time, requires no special storage conditions, and can be eaten with no preparations. It is rich in calcium, containing 352 mg. per 100 grams, or 1,597 mg. per pound. By comparison, milk -- often regarded as an excellent calcium source -- contains only 120 to 130 mg. of calcium per 100 grams, or 530 to 550 mg. of calcium per pound. Furthermore, carob contains no oxalic acid, as does

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