Versatility of Honey Sticks

Versatility of Honey Sticks

Here are a few ideas for your honey sticks: 

1. Place in jar and on table for guests and kids to snack on. Great substitute for all the visiting kids.

2. Use as a sweetener and stirring stick for your coffee and tea bar. 

3. Throw a few honey sticks in your bag for on the go treats. The durable straw keeps them from breaking easily.

4. Post-workout calories. Replace your energy after a run or workout with a honey stick or two. 

5. Stocking stuffer or a gift basket add in. 

6. Avoid the sticky jar and mess buy using honey sticks when you only need small amounts.

7. Use the honey stick to soothe a sore throat.

8. Have a honey stick during your 2:30 crash instead of an energy drink.

Have more ideas? let us know your creative uses for honey sticks! Order below.

Nov 28th 2018 QCF

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