Storing Sweet Potatoes

Storing sweet potatoes is much different than storing white potatoes. 
Sweet potatoes should be kept in a dark & dry location with a temperature of 55-65. 
Our sweet potatoes are 100% organic, therefore they will sprout if you allow them to store at 70-80 degrees(for an extended period of time). 
If they are stored in a refrigerator, they will only last a week or so. 

Best storage at home is to keep them in a cardboard box away from moisture in a pantry or mud room. If you leave them in the garage the temperature will change everyday and might cause them to break down or sprout faster. 

Sprouted Potatoes:
They are still ok to eat but the sugar content might have gone down because they are trying to feed the new sprout. 

Rotten Potato In With the Rest:
Remove the potato and dry off the remaining potatoes. The only issue here is if you only eat potatoes 1x per month and you don't check your supply often. 

Oct 4th 2018 QCF

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