How big is a 18lb Turkey?!

How big is a 18lb Turkey?!

Thanksgiving is right around the corner! Our frozen turkeys are going out the door everyday. One question that is often asked to us is "So how big is an 18lb turkey?" Although the answer could be "18lbs...." The real question they are trying to ask is "what size turkey do I need to buy for my family?"

Hopefully we can answer some of that for you as you plan. 

This is a basic chart that was found on

12lb Turkey  - 8 people

15lb Turkey - 10 people

18lb Turkey - 12 people

20lb Turkey - 14 people 

Use 1.25lbs or 1.5lbs per person as a general guideline. 

Bowman and Landes frozen turkeys compared to a 4lb whole fryer from Gerber.

Another thing to consider is that the larger sized birds have more meat per pound of bird. 

If you have some great tips for cooking thanksgiving turkey email them in and we might use your tip in the next post!

Nov 6th 2018 QCF

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