Coffee Roasts and Flavor Profiles

Coffee Roasts and Flavor Profiles

I’ve mentioned in past blogs that I enjoy a morning cup of coffee as part of my daily routine. Here at Quail Cove Farms, we have locally roasted coffee from Eastern Shore Coastal Roasting Company, as well as coffee from Café Altura- an Organic coffee roaster located in Ventura, California. There’s nothing better than the smell of fresh brewed coffee to help you wake up in the morning (except maybe the smell of bacon cooking).

Did you know that dark roasted coffee is not necessarily stronger or more caffeinated than lighter roasted coffee? Yep. It’s a myth. It’s all about what your coffee to water ratio is. Although, the longer you roast the coffee beans, the less caffeine is in the bean. So if you really want to ramp up the caffeine, use a breakfast blend and add extra grounds.

What’s your favorite coffee roast? Dark? Light? Do you like French press coffee or a cup o’joe from your coffee maker? There is so much to choose from!

Here is a quick guide to use when deciding on what type of coffee to buy when you are out shopping.

Light Roast

Light roast coffee beans are light brown in color and are a preferred roast for more mild-bodied coffees. Light roast coffee should not have any oil on the surface of the coffee beans. If you prefer light, fragrant, floral or fruity coffee notes - you'll enjoy a light roast coffee.

  • Commonly called Light City or New England
  • Mild Taste: Coffee with a mild body is not sharp, pungent or strong. Many light roast coffees normally possess a mild flavor profile.

Machipongo Morning- A mild blend of Light Brazilian roasts, clean & bright! A great all day or after dinner cup with a smooth, serene finish.

Medium Roast 

Medium roast coffee is medium brown in color with a non-oily surface. Traditionally, a medium roast is the most preferred type of coffee roast in America. If you prefer a flavorful, traditional cup of coffee you'll enjoy a medium roast.

  • Commonly called American or Breakfast Blend

Breakfast Blend- Blend of Central American shad grown beans is roasted to highlight the natural sweetness and light caramels evident in these organic coffees.

Hog Island Sunrise- A pleasingly well-rounded & balanced Breakfast Blend of Central & South American coffees. Crisp & full-bodied.

Medium-Dark Roast

Medium-dark roast coffee beans are a rich, dark brown color with a semi-oily surface. This type of roast produces a modest bittersweet aftertaste. If you prefer slight bittersweet notes and deep flavors, you'll enjoy a medium-dark roast.

  • Commonly called Full City Roast
  • Bold Taste: Coffee with a bold body has a strong and noticeable flavor. Coffees  from medium to dark roast levels normally possess a bold flavor profile.

Dark Roast

Dark roast coffee beans are nearly black, oily and produce a noticeable bitterness. The darker the coffee bean, the less acidity will be present in the coffee. If you prefer a heavy mouthfeel and strong flavor, you'll enjoy a dark roast coffee.

  • Commonly called French Roast or Italian Roast
  • Extra Bold Taste: Coffee with an extra bold body has flavors that are extremely strong and pronounced. Dark roast coffees normally possess an extra bold flavor profile.

Signature Dark Roast: Earthy and bold organic Indonesian coffees are blended with Rainforest Alliance Certified Brazilian beans and roasted dark French to bring out its great body and full flavor. Oyster Roast- Slightly earthy, bold & full-bodied, this blend of Indonesian & South American coffees offers the smoky intensity of a dark roast with wine & citrus notes & a fine finish! French Press favorite.


Zoe’s Decaf : Light French roast-This is the decaf you’ve been hearing about! A 100% Swiss Water Process decaffeinated. Excellent aroma with a medium-bodied, full-flavored cup.

Half Baked : Dark roast bean with half of the caffeine- Half the caffeine with all of the flavor of a richly-roasted bean! Swiss Water decaf Colombian with smoky Guatemalan & fruity Papua New Guinea coffee.

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Mar 22nd 2019 QCF

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