April 2019 Devotional:

Last fall was by far one of the wettest harvest seasons we have ever had. The abuse the land took from the equipment on the wet land and not being able to plant a cover crop was awful. Yet the Lord is faithful, the land is now covered with various kinds of plant life! Three years ago, the wood next to our farm was harvested and the entrance to our farm looked terribly messy . But now the woods is covered with 5-7 foot pine trees. People have times in their lives where things look bad and messy, but the Lord is faithful.

In Luke 15:11-24; As messy as the prodigal son was, the father saw him, ran to him, hugged and kissed him. Without speaking a word directly to the son, he ordered his servants to get the best robe (we are robed in HIS righteousness), the ring (status and power of whose family we belong), and the sandals (40 year the sandals of the Israelites did not wear out, the Lord’s protection)

As we celebrate the Resurrection, to date the greatest event ever, let us remember that farms, woods, people, families, churches, and nations are messy. Let us respond like our heavenly Father with grace and love.  

Mar 27th 2019 Bill Jardine

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