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New Customer Information

Delivery Runs

  • We deliver once a month to different areas in Virginia, Maryland, Delaware and Northeastern North Carolina ~ we call these areas runs. To determine which run you are on please see the chart here.

Hostess Homes

  • We deliver to "hostess homes" which are volunteers who take deliveries at their homes and let others pick up their orders there. When signing up, let us know if you need a hostess assigned to you, or if you would like to pick up where a friend picks up please give us their name(s) so that we can assign you correctly.

  • If you do not have a hostess and need us to assign you one please send us an e-mail with your name and full address.  We can give you a general idea of where the hostess is, but you won't get the full information until after you place your order.

  • Time of delivery can vary from month to month and your hostess will be the best tool for getting an estimated time. Here in the office, we only have a general idea.

Signing up

  • Signing up is done in two steps. First go to this page and fill out the form, this is for getting the e-flyers and also gives us information we need to set up your account. After you fill out that form, go to this page and sign up to order online. You will get an e-mail confirmation after your account has been all set up.

  • When signing up, please give us the names of who you heard about us from. Generally, we do not know who your friend is unless you tell us and this information comes in handy when assigning a hostess home.

Basic ordering information

  • Deliveries go out once a month to each area. Orders are generally due the week before, your flyer will have the exact dates or you may find them on our delivery schedule.

  • There is a $50 order minimum and a $5 order processing fee on every order.

  • If you would like delivery at your home you need to meet a set delivery minimum. This is the total dollar amount of all the orders being delivered to your home. The delivery minimum is based on how far your home is from our current route. It can be just your order or several orders. There is a $15 set up fee the first time we deliver to your home. Minimums vary from run to run and in order to assign you a delivery minimum we need your full address.

  • For the tutorial on how to order online go to this page.

If you have any further questions about our service please contact us.