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General Questions

How do I get the monthly Quail Cove Farms sales flyer?

Fill out this form to join our mailing list and recieve an electronic copy of our sales flyer every month.

I am a new customer, where can I get more information?

Please see this page.

How do I place an order?

Please see this page.

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Do you deliver in my area?

Check the delivery map and delivery schedule.
If you don't see your location on our list contact us, we're always adding new areas to our schedule.

I see you deliver in my area, where would I pick up my order?

If you don't already have someone in mind for your hostess home, contact us and we'll match you up to someone nearby.

What is a hostess home?

Our hostess homes are provided by customers kind enough to allow other customers to pick up orders from their home. These people are not held responsible for sorting, storing, or guarding the deliveries. Anything they may do is above and beyond what we require and should be appreciated, not expected.

How do I become a hostess home?

In order to become a hostess home, you need to contact our office. We will then calculate your exact delivery minimum. Once the delivery minimum is set and met, your house is added to the route.

We leave the final decision on whether or not to make a new hostess home a permanent stop, up to our driver. He bases this on the location and ease of delivery.

There is a one time set-up fee of $15.

Do you charge a delivery fee?

We do not charge a delivery fee; however, there is a processing and packing fee of $5 for each order.

What is an order minimum?

There is an order minimum of $50. This applies to every order.

What is a delivery minimum?

Each hostess home has a different delivery minimum based upon their location. All of the orders being delivered to the hostess home contribute to meeting this requirement. The sum of these individual orders needs to exceed this amount in order for us to make a delivery.

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Online Ordering

Can I place my order online?

Yes, please place your orders through our ordering site.

How do I place my order online?

You can find a detailed set of instructions on this page.

Why are there so many deadlines? What do they all mean?

The "Preferred Order By" is the date we would like for your order to be in. Placing your order early before this date allows us time make adjustments in orders to our vendors; making sure we have what you need in stock. You can place your order before this date, but we can't take orders before the previous month closes.

The "Last Chance" is the latest you can place or make modifications to your order. If you try to place your order after this date, the computer will not accept your order.

The "Delivery Date" date is the day or days when our driver will be making rounds in your area.

I can't find an item on the website and I know you carry it.
How can I put it in my order?

Just write us a note in the comments section when checking out, we'll see what you want and add it on if we carry it.

How do I order cases of things? I can't find the number!

Just order the individual item and add the number of items in the case. For example, if you wanted a case of FRZ140C12, search for FRZ140, and add 12 to your cart.

It says I have to be approved, what does this mean?

In order to make sure you go into our system properly, we verify your hostess home, run, and address. If you are a new customer, fill out the form at, in addition to signing up for an account, this will help ensure you get placed properly. Currently, we do not do any UPS or mail order online and the online ordering site is for our delivery customers only.

My chicken prices are not right!

Chicken is ordered by the tray, we do not know how much each tray will weigh until your order is packed. The price you see is the per pound price. Your actual price will be on the invoice you get with your order. If your order only contains chicken and is not over $50 you can either adjust your chicken until it is over $50 and put a note with the actual amount you want or you can phone in your small order by calling 877-822-9900.

This should no longer be an issue.

I'm not sure how this item is supposed to be entered.

Chicken is entered by the tray or by the pound, it is notated on the item which way it should be. Bulk items and cheese are entered by the pound. Sweet potatoes are entered by the pound. Potatoes, Onions and Carrots are entered by the number of bags you want.

Can I add on to an order online?

No. At this time we can only take add-ons over the phone. If you have an order in your account already and another one gets placed online, this will generate another order ticket with another $5 fee.

How can I reorder an order I placed online before?

Just sign in to your account, go to your account history and select the order you would like to order again. Then scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on "Order This Again". You will be taken to your shopping cart with your items added for you. Edit the cart items to meet your needs.

If you are unsure of anything or have a question or comment, place it in the comments field when you check out.

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Why is there an allergy alert on my item?

The handling of the dry goods that we package is not done in an allergen free facility, but every effort is made to prevent cross contamination from one product to another. All of our packaging is performed by hand and never on mechanized filler lines where bagging machines can have residue left in the system. The packaging area is cleaned in between each product and all utensils are changed.

A product that was in the sales flyer last month is not there this month; does this mean you no longer carry it?

No. Products in our sales flyers are items that we wish to feature in a particular month, we regularly carry over 10,000 items as well as special orders to meet requests from interested or curious customers. You can see a list by browsing our online ordering system.

What Does Organic Mean?

Organic foods are grown without synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides. Organic foods are not genetically modified. Organic foods are grown in soil that is nurtured, not treated, which means that top soil, groundwater, rivers, lakes, streams, watersheds, fish, wildlife, and people are not compromised. Healthy foods grow in healthy soil. You can often taste the organic difference!

What Does Natural Mean?

The definition of natural varies from company to company. Our definition of natural foods is a product that does not have artificial colors or flavors, or if it does, the amount is minimal.

How should I store my grains?

For information on grain storage please visit this page.

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